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A Man after God's Own Heart!

Pastor Jason Johnson is a serving spiritual leader, an ordained minister with 25 years of selfless service. A husband to a loving wife and father of 6, Johnson has a wonderful family and has been faithful to his wife and family for 24 years now. As a father, Jason understands that the duty to serve his wife and children is God given and he has to toil dutifully to feed his family every day. He is therefore a successful entrepreneur and as a certified Speaker, Pastor Jason never lacks.


From the time he received his call, Pastor Johnson has never forsaken the ministry. 25 years down the line and he is still serving with passion and devotion. His strong belief in the reality of Christ makes him perfect minister and teacher. Consequently, he has been very instrumental to the development and support of Christianity, both as minister and teacher. 


Pastor Johnson has shown a dedication to community service and social responsibility. As commanded by God in Hebrew 13:1 - Let brotherly love continue, he has truly lived to fulfil the dream of brotherly love in the hearts of the fatherless and those in the juvenile and prison systems. This shows that he is a servant leader who is ready to die for the sake of the destitute as long as he fulfills God’s command. 


T.O.R.C.H LEADERSHIP has been his portion as a result of the commitment he learns from love. He enjoys Teaching Other Responsibility and Honor. And as a long serving leader and minister, he understands that love is the basic unit that marks character and breeds unity among brothers and sisters. 

Pastor Johnson has never been shy from self-advancement, adventure and the support of those around him. He understands that fruits only become from hard work. He attended John Maxwell’s School of Leadership in order to further his personal growth and passion for leadership where he attained his certification of Speaker, Coach and Life Trainer. 


Working with the John Maxwell Team, he is currently on a journey to help develop world leaders. As the Executive Director of the program, John is dedicated to planning and organizing training events and helping with decisions that directly impact the growth and development of leaders across the world. 


In supporting growth and development of the next generation, Pastor is currently training Young Leaders to serve the Youth. While supporting this service, he continues to serve in his Home Church - Faith Center Rockford, under Senior Pastor Don Lyon.


“When you discover and develop who you are, it then becomes your responsibility to serve yourself to the world and to help others the same”, states John’s moto. 


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